I undertake a wide variety of handyman jobs for your Bath home – an expert handyman service.

Handyman service for Bath that is highly recommended by customers. I undertake a variety of handyman jobs both inside and outside of your Bath home. I can can sort out just one small task, or work my way through a list of handyman jobs.

Expert professional handyman service –
list of some of the jobs I can do for you

I can undertake a wide variety of handyman jobs around your Bath home. I can sort out just one small task, or work my way through a list of handyman jobs. Have a look at comments from customers about my handyman service and take a look at some of the jobs I am most frequently asked to do as part of my handyman service:

Flatpacks, living rooms, home office and bedrooms

Assemble flatpack furniture– flatpack wardrobe, chest of drawers, bed, desk, chairs, sit-stand desk assembly (I recommend Ikea for all flatpack furniture)
Childproof cupboards with child safety locks
Rehang cupboard doors
Fix mirror in cupboard
Put up notice boards/white boards

Walls and ceilings

Put up pictures, create picture montages
Fix mirror on walls,
Fix TV to wall with brackets
Put up fixtures for bikes on walls
Replace light fittings, replace switches and sockets
Replace lightbulbs and fix downlighters
Install floating shelves and shelf brackets,
Fix clothes hooks on walls
Hang shoe boxes on walls
Child-proof sockets
Fill in small holes and cracks

Bathrooms/shower rooms

Silicone seal repairs for shower and bath – reseal bath and shower
Replace basin taps
Fit bathroom cabinet
Fit grab rails
Unblock basin, toilet and shower
Install new shower risers
Replace shower fittings
Fit shower curtains and shower screen
Put up loo roll holder

Kitchens and utility rooms

Replace tap
Unblock sink
Install washing machine and dishwasher
Fit smoke alarms
Fit extractor fan
Fit cooker hood
Rehang kitchen cupboard doors
Fix kitchen drawers

Doors and windows

Put up curtain rails and poles, fit curtain tracks and hang curtains
Fit blinds and putting up all types of blinds – blackout blinds, Venetian blinds, roller blinds, Velux blinds, Roman blinds,
Rehang doors – making adjustments when they become a bit warped, or you have new flooring.
Replace door handles
Put hooks on door
Draught proof doors and windows
Fit and replace door and window locks
Replace sash window cords for smaller windows (another person is needed to help if the window is larger)
Sash window repairs
UPVC window handle replace
Add security fittings


Fit stair gates for children and pets
Fit grab rails
Repair bannisters

Home safety handyman service

Fit smoke alarms
Fit carbon monoxide detector
Install smart alarms eg Yale (which I recommend)

Front or back doors

Fit a letterbox
Fit a wireless doorbell
Adjust door / rehang door
Add draught proofing
Replace locks
Fit catflaps and dogflaps
Fit door furniture

Outside your home handyman service

Repairs to an outside tap
Install an insurance-approved keysafe
Put together a trampoline
Put in bike security fixings
Fix house name or number sign
Put up washing lines